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Welcome to Crepes+Coffee, where our commitment to excellence extends beyond our charming location. With a rich history of delivering exceptional culinary experiences and collaborations with renowned brands like Louboutin, Lamborghini, Megabus, and more, our journey is a testament to our dedication to crafting exquisite crepes and serving specialty coffees.

Our Culinary Delights

Our crepes are a culinary delight crafted with love and precision. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients, and our homemade batter is the secret to our delicious creations. Drawing inspiration from the culinary heritage of Brittany, France, our savory galettes pay tribute to rustic flavors, prepared with care and authenticity.


Coffee and crepes

Premium Coffee Experience

We believe that great food is best complemented by an exceptional cup of coffee. That’s why we proudly collaborate with the local roastery, Code.194, situated in Willesden Green. This partnership ensures a premium coffee experience for our customers, featuring a blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan beans with notes of chocolate and citrus fruits. We believe that our coffee elevates your Crepes+Coffee journey to new heights.

Our Owner

About Andrei

Behind this culinary haven is our experienced founder Andrei, who brings a wealth of expertise from years spent in ultra-luxury five-star hotels in London. 

With a first class degree in Hospitality and Business Management, our founder infuses Crepes+Coffee with a touch of sophistication, creating an ambiance that reflects a passion for gastronomy and a commitment to unparalleled quality. 

Join us at PAVO, our enchanting barge by the Grand Union Canal, Wembley for a dining experience where luxury meets culinary artistry, curated by a seasoned hospitality professional.

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